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Pollença to Andratx

The best cycle route in Mallorca, outbound routes from 121km. BIKE OUT, BUS BACK.

Suggested routes from Pollenca to Port Andratx

Ride the best cycle route in Mallorca from Pollenca to Andratx then get a return bike bus to Pollenca at the end of your brilliant day. The shortest but still taxing is the vanilla route of 121km with 2,400m of climbing.

Pollenca to Port Andratx – Vanilla

121km with 2,700m of climbing

The most direct and the most popular route down to the South on the best cycle route in Mallorca.

This route goes right through the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana and follows the famous ma-10 road through forests and along the coast.

Climbing out of Pollenca up the Coll de Femenia, past Lluc and Sa Calobra (up and down it only if you want!) then climbing the short side of Puig Major before descending the longest and highest climb on the island. (14 km @ 6.2% average gradient, 828m of elevation to lose on sweeping smoooooth tarmac) into Sóller. Then ending with the beautiful south west coastal section that includes Deia and Banyalbufar. 

Pollenca to Port d’Andratx inc. Port Valldemossa & Port des Canonge

142km with 3400m of climbing

If you are looking for a challenge with even more breathtaking scenery, you have found it. One for the climbers.

​This route is the above vanilla route with the inclusion of the normally car free and brilliant winding mini Sa Calobra’s of Port des Canonge and Port Valldemossa.

Job done. Challenge achieved. Photos posted. The best cycle route in Mallorca conquered.

Pollenca to Port d’Andratx including Sa Calobra

146km with 3600m of climbing

This is the vanilla route above with the addition of the mighty Sa Calobra which is regularly touted as one of the best climbs in the world.

If you choose to conquer this route during the Spring or Autumn cycling seasons give the Mallorca Cycling Photos team a wave as you go past.

Pollenca to Port d’Andratx via. Puigpunyent

121km with 2700m of climbing

Following the vanila route from Port de Pollença you make a diversion following the climb over Coll den Claret after Valldemossa. You will arrive at a junction where the Ma-10 will continue right towards Banyalbufar, and you will take the left turn towards Esporles. The road will run downhill so you need to keep an eye out for the right turn just over 1km down and turn off right towards Puigunyent (Ma-1101). The climb up Es Grau is 5.65km at an average of 3%, with the descent being a steeper gradient and includes more hairpins down to Puigpunyent. After passing through Puigpunyent you will start climbing Galilea which is 4.09km at an average of 5%. Descending down into Es Capdella you have a short climb out towards Andratx of 2.05km and then the road ungulates before descending down to Andratx. From here you should roll easy to the end point in Port d’Andratx.

Pollenca to Port d’Andratx via. Orient and Soller

139km with 2700m of climbing

The gentle roll out through the lanes and the Campanet valley makes for a great start as you can warm up for the days climbing and chat about how many cake stops this ride will need. The quiet lanes will take you past Campanet, Selva, and Lloseta before any real climbing starts. Coll de Tofla is a short 1.5km climb with an average of 7%. You will drop down towards Alaro where it is a good idea to divert off the gpx course and head towards Cycling Planet for a cake and coffee stop. Leaving Alaro you will start the Orient valley, with the first climb being the Coll de Orient at 5.07km with an average of 5%. This route through the valley is amazing with the impressive tower of Puig d’Alaro on your left and the valley sloping down to your right, and back up the equally impressive Puig de s’Alcadena. The top of the climb sits in the Orient valley so you’ll only be aware of being at the top when you reach the brown sign on your right stating the height of 498m. The road will run downwards through Orient and then onto the next short climb up Coll d’Honor at 2.71km climb at 5%. The descent of Coll d’Honor is down the longer and steeper side of the climb, down to Bunyola. From Bunyola you now have what I think is the best side of Coll de Soller to climb. The open road with beautiful views, climbs up 4.92km at an average of 5%. The cafe Can Topa run by Paula and Damian at the top is an excellent stop for lunch and refill of water. Descending the shady side of Coll de Soller you run down to Soller where you turn right onto the Ma-10 and head along the vanilla route to Port d’Andratx.

Pollenca to Port d’Andratx The BIG DADDY Version!

167km with 4300m of climbing

This is a vanilla route which includes all three descents and climbs along the way. Sa Calobra at 9.44km and 7% average, Port de Valldemossa at 4.7km and 7% average, and finally Port del Canonge at 4.88km and 6% average. The total route will be approximately 167km and 4,269m of climbing, it is a big day out in the saddle so remember to stay fueled and watered throughout the day.

Rated by most who manage to accomplish it as a much better day out than most sportives and all at your own pace.