Best Café Stops Andratx to Port Pollença

Our favourite café stops on our favourite cycle route in Majorca

Our ultimate guide to the best café stops Andratx to Port Pollença

Andratx to Port Pollença – vanilla 115km route

  • Estellencs 17km
  • Banyalbufar 24km
  • Valldemossa 39km
  • Deiá 48km
  • Sóller 58km
  • OJ shack 80km
  • Garage 89km
  • Lluc 91km
  • Pollença 110km
  • Port Pollença 115km


Cafeteria Estellencs

Very basic, but a good place for coffee.On the ma-10 as you enter the village.


Son Tomás

Good range, service and quality. Excellent views. On the ma-10 as you enter the village.



Good range, service and quality. Excellent views as the restaurant hangs over a cliff, only downside is you have to leave one of your party outside to look after the bikes! On the ma-10 halfway through the village.


Here there are a number of good cafés and restaurants, all close enough to the road, and all catering mainly but not exclusively to the tourist rather than the cyclist market.


Number of good cafés and restaurants, all close to the road.Tough to choose as they are all good.


Sa Frontera

Good range, service and quality. Menu of the day.Stop before you cross to the ma-11 from the ma-10. Remember you have the longest climb on the island immediately ahead of you.​

Port Sóller

Adds an extra couple of kilometres to your route but here the choice is very wide. If you go through the one way system to the beachfront, there’s a restaurant to cater to every palate and budget. Remember you have Puig Major 2km ahead of you.

Top of Sa Calobra

OJ shack under the aqueduct

Basic offering of food, but good energy bars to eat on the bike. Excellent fresh squeezed OJ.On the corner of the ma-10 and the turn off down to Sa Calobra. ​


Repsol Garage / Col de Sa Bataia café

Good range, service and quality. Use the garage if you just want to pick up snacks or a drink, otherwise take your time in the café. At the top of the Col de Sa Bataia, corner of the ma-10 and the road up from Caimari. ​

Lluc Monastery

Well used to catering for cyclists. Coffee and food is good.

Port de Pollença

Huge choice. Enjoy re hydrating.

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